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Monday, 14 May 2012

Weekend (Dragon) Warriors

What an amazing weekend! On Saturday we had the inaugural Teamhammer 40K Tournament, which wasa resounding success as we raised over $400 for our chosen charity! See the Teamhammer blog for more details. http://teamhammer40k.blogspot.ca/ Following that we had some nice warm weather so I was able to get out on the balcony and spray some miniatures - actually it was a bit too hot and a couple of minis had to be stripped and redone.

I'm trying out the Army Painter sprays as I've said before, and generally I'm happy with them, but I think the claim they are primers that will cover black is not really true. Sure is you give enough layers you will cover it, but by then you model is swamped in paint, even if you use lots of light coats. Here's the verdict os far, the paints are good (some colours cover better than others - greenskin is the best of the 5 I have used but I have another couple to try. What I would recommend is a light primer coat of grey/white before hitting the models with the army painter primers, or just leaving the model in raw plastic to get an even colour. The spray grips well to the raw plastic, so why risk another coat of paint to obscure details?

What really rocks now though is that Army Painter is selling match pots, so you can afford to leave some of the hard to spay areas of your model and just touch in with these. This is excellent as it saves you swamping parts of the model with over spray as you try and hit a missed area, and the colour match on the 2 reds (Dragon and Pure) and the green (greenskin) is spot on, this has to be the way forward for me.

Now the bit you all want to see, what did I paint with them? Well I used the Pure red to base coat more parts of my Brass Scorpion and some Bezerkers, the Greenskin to do some Salamanders (there's an article coming on these guys eventually), the purple (I forget the name) to do my last squad of Dark Edlar Warriors' base coat and the Dragon Red to start my Chaos Marines Chosen unit. For those that have read Nick Kyme's Salamander series of books from the Black Library, you'll know the nemesis of the green marines is a faction of traitor Salamanders called the Dragon Warriors. I chose to use this scheme for a 10 man unit of Chosen, which will be fielded as two 5 man squads, one with melta guns, the other with flamers and a powerfist. Obvious I need to finish the arms, but here are two that I've started.


Mordian7th said...

Looking good!

Buddy of mine has been using the Army Painter red spray on his Blood Angels and has had much the same experience. They go on okay-ish as a primer, but really seem like they're better over a light grey or white 'real' primer first.

Love the old-school chaos backpack you've got there!

Sir Tainly said...

I wonder if it's a problem with the reds? The green seems to cover fine, and while the purple covers, it's a different shade when sprayed over black? I used to the old back packs to use up old stock on a unit I probably use too much, rather than buying more bits.