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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Anarchist Pattern AT-70

Wow, it's been ages since the last update. Well I have the keys to the new house, but still can't live there - floor repairs needed, complete rewire and thus a replaster which are all ongoing. Even with all these issues I have managed to finally snag one day for some model making work, and I've started on another count-as Russ.

I still have one Reaver pattern to complete (using a LR hull and turret) to go with the 2 I have already, but to keep consistency, I'm using that hull style for the variants with the 10 rear armour. For those with 11 (i.e. those buildable from the Demolisher kit) I'm using Anarchy Models' tank hull and Kromlech turrets. Given the new dex gives us Tank Commanders, and Pask who's a bit good riding a Punisher I decided to have a crack at that type first.

The turret and hull have been modified to accept magnets so that the turret is removable. The turret hatch has been drilled out to accept my Blood Pact rendition of Pask - just need to order some bits to complete him. I've still to add the turret details supplied by Kromlech, but I'm waiting to add the commander first. I'm also planing on adding some stage to tank, plus some extra styrene pieces to the align the Anarchists with the Reavers (brigde plate, vent, tool box etc).