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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Long Weekend...

It's Victoria Day on Monday, so up here in the frozen north, we get a day off, Yay! That means I get to spend a fair bit of time this weekend catching up on my modelling an painting, which is handy as I need to do lots. I'm attending a tournament in 2 weeks too, where my Chaos Marine army is getting its first competitive outing, and so I need to paint a chunk of that. What needs to be worked on it as follows:

1 Chaos Lord
5 Chaos Terminators
2 Predators
3 Rhinos
1 Dreadnought
6 Havocs

What I'd also like to get done, if the weather is nice, and I can spray outside, are basecoats for the following:

Imperial Fist Rhinos
Sisters of Battle Rhinos
Salamanders Rhinos and Landraider
Salamanders infantry (also greenstuff work)
Imperial Assassin
Black Templar Bikers

Let's see what I actually manage? I'll post an update next week!

This is also my 40th blog article, something of a milestone, I'll have a beer to celebrate!

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