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Friday, 11 May 2012

Lucky Finds

A few weeks back I visited a fairly local hobby store, one I've been to only once before, as I needed some plastic card. I'd avoided this place as while it had some cool stuff, it had a bit of everything, but not a lot of anything. Anyway, somehow I'd missed their 40K section before (it was quite small) but it did have some older, now OOP items, such as Grimaldus, Mephiston and this assassin in metal - all very cool! The assassin was in a 3rd edition style box so he'd been there a while!

The assassin suffered a strange mishap - as I was pushing him into his slotta-base, he snapped in half at the waist! I could tell by the break it was some kind of metal fatigue, maybe related to age, or to a faulty cast. Anyway as you can see I fixed him up with some greenstuff, and I'll be painting him soon.

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