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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Lungbursta gets a Big Shoota and I start a Gutrippa

Just to prove that the Lungbursta project is not dead, I've been working on the pintle big shoota. The gun is taken from one I ordered from Shapeways, but which was too crude and big for an Ork to carry. I've modified it to fit in the pintle mounts, added hand grips to the rear, 50cal style, and added a barrel, with some ridges on the top to make it look more Orky. The tank commander needs paint still and a head choosing fro him - I have several suitable ones from Kromlech so I just need to choose.

I've also started a second Ork tank as I had some pieces of plastic strip lying on my desk and I wanted to use them up. This will be a Gutrippa I reckon, using a battlewagon turret with a new rear deck and scratch built claws at the front.

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