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Friday, 23 September 2011

Something fun..

Came across this 40k comic the other week, some chuckles in there:


Thought I'd share it as anyone who puts in this much effort deserves some exposure!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Projects on the bench 1 - Orkington

It's been a little while since I posted my Astro preparation work, and that's because I got a bit burned out after painting that many miniatures for the tournament. I haven't been completely inactive though as I've been working my way through some scenery projects. The real driver for doing this is actually two things, first off we need more scenery at the club I attend (Trumpeters Tabletop Society in Burnaby, BC) so the one or two people who people who do provide secneray don't have to spread it over so many tables. The second reason is that I recently acquired a copy of GorkaMorka, and I'd like to play that with something better than card buildings (most of which are missing from my copy anyway)! I'm working through some ideas for an Ork settlement (Orkington - named after a place close to where I used to live Oakington), but in no particular order, just as the muse takes me!

Here's some of the scenery I've completed so far:

The back from one of the toy trucks I used to make the wrecks below, turned into an Orky sack of something store...or perhaps a ramp for Orkevil Kernivel?

The Squig Pen...need to add a sign with the glyph for Squigs.

An old burned out and looted truck..must be old the grass has grown back!

A Mek's store of things that maybe useful one day..and some cover! Also needs some glyphs.

I have a few others in various states of completion, I'll post them up here as time allows.