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Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Cultists - more WIP

Since the last photo back in June I think it was, I've started doing the bases on these guys. I've also added another 10, plus an extra champion, so I can split the unit of 30 into 2.

There's a number of different makes in there. I also needed some extra close combat cultists, so I extended the look of these to make a unit of trench diggers - these are to support my Iron Warriors. A mix of Anvil bits, Cadians and old Chaos Marauder bits.

I also needed a handful of cultists to fill out the squads made from GW figures, so here's a mix of Anvil/old Miniatures of the North, GW Flagellants, a Ramshackle head and more 3D printed autopistols.

Monday, 2 December 2019


Something 40k related again! I finally got paint on my 3d printed Necron terrain from back in the summer. The 25mm slotta is included for scale.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Phantom, not of the opera.

Just a quick snap, as until the base is glued to the larger disc in this picture, it's a bit wobbly. My friend Jamie painted this for me as a commission piece, and ~I'm very happy with the result. I'm left to texture the base to match the rest of my army - whatever theme that's going to be, magnetise the gun options , and add the missing pipe back to the gun.

Saturday, 30 November 2019


This was a figure I printed for Lisa ages back, but the time had come for her to use the figure at her big D&D game in a castle. Therefore I did a speed job on it, only to re-break the tail just as I was getting it completed - oh well, I tried.

I didn't take any photos of this when completed, but this was sent back to me whilst the game was in progress.

This was the image we found on a google search which I was using for inspiration. Certain details are different as Heroforge didn't give me the options to match it more closely. I'll try and get some better pics when I'm next over at Lisa's.

Friday, 29 November 2019


Super busy last few weeks, new job is eating up the hours and painting has mostly been for my girlfriend, and her various D&D characters. This figure was for her birthday, and was designed over on Heroforge, printed on my Anycubic photo, and then painted in colours that I knew she'd like, and matched the Magpie theme of her Aarakocra character - Acorn.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Dreadtober - failed!

So the month is almost over and I've not managed to complete my dreadnought, and now I'm about to go mobile for work, so until I know my new schedule, no painting for me. I could give a number of reasons why I've not completed this, including helping my girlfriend move house, helping dad deal with holiday home flooding issues, visiting my mum who's unwell, getting ready for my new job, and fighting with my failed 3d printer, but none of these have stopped me having any painting time. What did really do it was the return of my carpal tunnel issues. I'd hoped after the operation, I'd get more than 18 months of so respite, but seems not. While this doesn't stop me painting, it just killed my mojo as I knew I'd be in pain and discomfort afterwards, so I've done very little all month - all of the items on the blog roll were done at the end of Sept/early Oct, and rip fed out. This is where I did get to with my IW dreadnought though.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Something I have wanted to obtain for a long time, a Soviet Tu-28P Fiddler long range fighter. I'll be taking this up to our annual Cold War Commanders game, although I doubt it will see use.

Monday, 14 October 2019

Running Warhound

Another Lucius Warhound, running this time. Still needs weapons printing.

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Warlord, more parts printed

I think this is everything to date, except a locating pin, and gear end which were in another room...still loads to do.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Mini Reaver

Just to complement my 28mm Lucius Reaver, I've managed to reduce it to AT scale and reproduce it. I'm adding another set of weapons, and alternate top weapon and then planning to run it at my local club, should be good!

Friday, 11 October 2019

Radar Tower

This is a bit of 28mm scenery that came about as a result of one of my 28mm Marauders failing to print. It's actually a salvaged piece of fuselage with a door and radar found on Thingiverse, and a section of styrene sheet. Just need to cut an mdf base, paint and maybe add greebles to the roof.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Marauder bomber, Scenery

Originally I intended to use this as a token for some airstrike stuff in AT (narrative event stuff) but since GW has given us some beautiful AI models, I'll go with those instead. I expect crossover rules at some point now too. Anyway, this will now be attached to one of my landing pads as a landed bomber - cover for knights at least. As usually, it's printed from an STL found on Thinigverse.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Void Dragon Phoenix - PIP

Managed to get one of these old chestnuts, and given we have customisable craftworld rules coming, I fancied returning to doing a scheme I dropped for Alaitoc (since it's easier and the rules in 8th are good). Therefore, it's heading into my Mai-Bai scheme of white and red which seems more appropriate anyway since this version is supposed to be a corsairs vehicle, and my force uses a lot of older guardians with lasguns which are closer to the old Corsair lasblasters.If only Corsairs still had an HQ choice, I'd be running them.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Reaver Titan build - WIP

Still working on my Lucius Reaver build, legs are now silver and ready for brush painting work, armour has just been push fitted for this photo. Arms and top weapon are magnetised too. I've also decided on a name for this beast for when it gets its Tempestor paint scheme, "Clamans ad Vindictam".

Monday, 7 October 2019

For a Friend

Not my usual stuff, but printed these as a commission for a friend. Bolt action Fiat 626 trucks and AS37 scout cars. I have some more to do for him, but the Ender 5 has taken a nose dive and I've awaiting spares now - it's either the PSU or control board, so I've had to order both to find out which.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Dreadtober Entry

The good news should be that I played my first game of Titanicus today - very cool, and that I'm printing a Lucius Reaver in 8mm scale...but no, instead I'm committing to Dreadtober.

I'm planning to get the chappie done for month end.

More information about Dreadtober can be found here.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Adeptus Titanicus Update

I finally repaired and assembled my first Lucius Warhound, the next one won't need the ankle repair at least!

Control Tower assembled

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Warlord Titan - Parts

Ages ago I started printing bits for a Lucius Warlord, I've been cracking on with that task. Head needs some serious repair as the print went awry.

Friday, 27 September 2019

Lucius Reaver Progress

Racing to get this done in the next week, here's how it stands currently.

Legs detailed

Legs primed

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Aeldari Action

Just a couple of shots from a recent 6k game at Warhammer World, using my Dark Eldar, some Eldar super heavies and some Craftworlders I've scored on Ebay over the years. I have plans to revamp the latter soon. The Revenant died before getting a turn, and then I was on a hiding to nothing. The invulnerable save only kicking in if the titan moves is useless unless you are player 1. It did amuse me to take the Armorcast Tempest, it was older than most of the players there!

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Contemptuous Leviathans

Nothing for a while, lots on in real life and no painting. I'm getting tired of not having painted items to share, but I seem to just have time to build currently. Anyway, from a few weeks back, here are some Dreadnoughts I put together for my 30k Iron Warriors.

IW Contemptor on Mechanicus base

Leviathan, ended up with 2 of these cannons for full dakka mode.

Ebay purchase, arm sockets repaired and rearmed. Base took ages as it's had a height increase to cover the cog.

Another custom base, metal section "sawmill" type affair.

All 5 of the gang together!

Monday, 19 August 2019

Summer Loving

I may not have posted here for a few weeks, largely because I haven't painted anything, but I have still been busy. I've gone to the biggest larp in the world, Conquest of Mythodea in Germany, and I've been running my 2 filament printers like mad. Here's some of what I've been up to.

Pieces of Tau buildings

Marauder bombers and destroyer

Half a Leviathan

 Various terrain items


Second Lucius Reaver, more updates on  this soon.

Sabre tank destroyer.

Chimera proxy for a GSC force

Aaaaand my 40th Birthday cake! Thanks to my lovely girlfriend, Lisa for organising it all, and to Sian for making the cake!