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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Starwars X-Wing - Auzituck Gunship

Whilst hunting through the Micromachines in the local supermarket for useful items for my gaming, I came across this ship - it's a Wookie Gunship and more or less the right scale for X-Wing. I'll get it weathered a little, on a base and see if I can work out some stats for it.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Starwars - Cave Wampa - WIP

A fortunate combination of receiving a Micromachines Wampa, whilst having just completed the SWToR part with the Cave Wampas meant I had a gaming use for this undersized for 28mm model! The normal Wampas are hulking things, and are well catered for by WoTC and Imperial Assault minis, but the smaller Cave Wampas don't have a suitable miniature until now. The MM figure is about the size of a normal 28mm figure and with a base and little GS work, followed by a repaint he's good to go. The GS work is needed to cover an area on his back which is devoid of fur, and has the LFL name and the made in China text.

Starwars - Imperial Courier Droid

Just a simple repaint of a WoTC astromech droid to represent an Imperial Courier Droid as seen in the Rebels TV show. He'll be doubling up as the droid driver required in Rancor Publishing's Rebels RPG starter adventure which I'll be running in a couple of weeks.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Starwars - Retired Clone

After seeing Rex return on Starwars Rebels, I wanted to make a similar retired clone trooper for use with our RPG games. He's made from a Hasslefree head (from their head pack) and one of their other figures - HFA064 Grant (b)