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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Battlefield Gothic

Where has the last month gone? To be honest I haven't done much wargaming for a few weeks as I felt a little burned out with my plastic dudesmen. On top of this I've had health and work issues and so with not having much spare energy, nor inspirational subject matter I haven't felt inspired to write anything - until now.

Over the weekend just gone, I felt more motivated and had enough get up and go to crack on with the Ork scenery for my Orkington village - doing the lion's share of construction on my fuel tank piece, as well as heading down to the hobby shop and scoring some new Gothic terrain pieces. I'm planning to do a separate article on the updates to Orkington, as I notice the last update on this project was near its commencement, and there's been lots of development since then to show you.

Moving on to the Gothic scenery items, which may be old hat to many of you, but I only discovered them recently and I suspect many others may not ever have seen them, and so this is for their benefit mostly. The range is produced by Pegasus, who make a great many wargaming scenery items (their craters probably being best known to the 40k world).

This is the Gothic City Ruins #1 kit that I quickly assembled last night. It's a snap together kit in hard grey plastic, and while you could happily use it like this, I would recommend gluing it, after some filing to make the pieces fit just a little closer. The kit had no flash and reasonably few injection points to clean off - and these clipped off with no fuss at all. Other than the less than perfect fitting, and one of the pieces seeming to be a little too tall (one half of one of the wrecked columns) is that there are the rectangular holes in the corner columns. In the other kits in the series, these are filled with lamps or gargoyles so I'm hoping I have some spare from the other kits I have to fill these in, if not I'll need to raid my bits box.

The other kits I bought, each retailing for approx C$42 + taxes although I got a 20% discount, are:

I plan to hit them with a dark grey paint, and then use drybrushing to bring out the details. Not the greatest technique, but it should be fast enough to get some more scenery on our tables on club night!