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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

How did I do?

The weekend is over and I'm back at work...boo! What's more annoying is that the weather today is sunny and dry - ideal for spray base coating, after 2 days of solid rain! Saturday was also an ideal day for spraying, but I spent that making the models I needed to spray - I'll need some good evening weather, or an excellent day next weekend, something on which you can never rely when living in the Pacific North West. So how did I do against my plans?

1 Chaos Lord - Nothing started
5 Chaos Terminators - bodies assembled and one painted
2 Predators - one rebuilt awaiting the spray can, other not started
3 Rhinos - all assembled and awaiting the better weather
1 Dreadnought - nothing done
6 Havocs - one 90% done, one partly assembled, one half assembled with scratchbuilt bionic leg! (others in bits still)

In addition, I forgot to say that I needed 5 lesser daemons, one of which was already done. Well now 2 more just need basing, and the other 2 have some paint on them.

From the list of other possible stuff I could do I did:

Salamanders Rhinos - 2 of 3 (re)assembled and awaiting paint
Salamanders infantry - all greenstuffing done, awaiting spray painting
Imperial Assassin - awaiting spray primer
Black Templar Bikers - as above

I also squeezed in assembling one extra Iron Warrior Rhino, 12 Hormagaunts, Lufgt Huron and painted one more backpack for my Dragon Warriors. I'm pleased with the quantity of jobs done, but disappointed that the weather stopped me getting that bit further.

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