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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Blood Pact Vehicles

More stuff done!

Lascannons for the tanks and weathering powder work on the Manticore still to do, but we are motoring!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Blood Pact Death Brigade

Painting these has been much slower than I need it to be - I'm a behind now and things were already extremely behind. However the whole load (3 squads of 10) are now pretty much done - a couple of hours this evening will see the last few arms go on. I'll complete the bases along side the regular infantry to make sure the colour stays the same, but here's the first 9 to get all the highlighting work done.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Blood Pact and friends

Just a small update as I was spray painting like mad last night - 2.5 halftracks painted, 43 BP infantry, some bits of a Valkyrie and 6 of my Septic Infantry. The  latter of which are acting as Stormtroopers in my BP army as the figures I bought for this purpose didn't really look right so I needed a stand in.If you are wondering who makes these figures, Ramshackle games is the answer, and if you want to know more about Nurgle's Septic Infantry, read the Blood Gorgons novel from the Black Library:

Before I sign off, here's progress on the Hellhound counts-as N20:

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Blood Pact Halftracks

The title almost rhymes, cool, I'm a poet and I didn't know it!

 I've previous mentioned needing my Blood Pact army done for August as it's going to OFCC and Astronomi-con, well that month is almost upon us, and well I've haven't really made much progress. This means that now I'm working at high speed to get what's needed done. I will manage it, but I'm expecting a few late nights. I'm losing a bit of time as it's my birthday tomorrow, so I won't be around in the evening (Forgeworld items will be happily accepted as birthday gifts in case anyone is wondering ;)) and this coming weekend is Astromini-con. I'll be playing my DE again for that to keep extra painting off the workbench! For those who are interested, Astromini will be held at Gamestars in Langley BC and there are still places available - more details at:


 Right, now the bits that everyone likes - pictures! :) These are WIP shots of the first four halftracks, the OFCC army requires 6 in total - one more Chimera and a Hydra. I do have an additional 5 in hand for later conversions including a Gryphon, Trojan and both Salamanders.

N20 Halftrack (counts-as a Chimera, there are 3 of these to complete, the second one is 95% assembled)

N20/16 (counts-as a Hellhound)

N20 Rakete (counts-as a Manticore)

The family shot!