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Monday, 7 May 2012

Jungle is Massive!

Don't panic, I've not serious adjusted my taste in music. Actually I've been getting creative with aquarium plants to make some jungle terrain. I've tried to keep it lightly populated so as to leave space for the miniatures, and all the bases needs paint and sand still, but it's a start. Good thing is that the plants were effective 4 for a dollar as it was 2 packs for for the price of one, and each plant needed to be split in two to stop it being too tall. The smaller scrub was from a $2 wreath, which is covered in 3 pieces of greenery on a single push in golf tee like arrangement, so when you cut these off you get hundreds. I have enough bits to make a few more pieces of terrain, but I really want to add more elevation to those.

The bigger piece below also has a water pool, so I can test out my new scenic water. The astute among you may note the foliage colours match those of my Dark Eldar - a coincidence but quite cool never the less!

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