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Thursday, 17 September 2020

Locutarus Storm Squad assembled

 Just a quick update on these guys, assembled from a mix of GW plastic, Forgeworld and 3d printed parts, here's my Locutarus Storm Squad, less jump packs. I had to relearn that the resin FW legion specific shoulder pads are scaled on the old resin FW plain pads, not the plastic ones of the modern kits, hence they are a touch small.

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Toxiferno Cannons

 Found on Thingiverse I think, and printed to be used by my Iron Warriors since I don't yet have any Death Guard in 30K.

Saturday, 12 September 2020

Heresy WIPs

 As 9th seems to have put a big hole in the playability of most of my armies, I've been struggling to do much for 40k other than build stuff I had stashed, or had 3D printed. I am still feeling good about 30k though, as I've currently rereading all the books in the novel series, and missing some of that marine on marine combat. I rebuilt this old Space Crusade Chaos dreadnought to use as an Iron Warriors box-dreadnought, and I do have some other weapon options. The other marines are destined to become an Ultramarine force. The Mark.2 was meant to become a Luna Wolf, but I'll do some more for that (I'm secretly hoping GW will sell a plastic kit for that mark, one day). The others are a mix of FW and 3D printed bits, aiming to become a full squad of Ultramarines Locutarus Storm troops.

Friday, 11 September 2020

Daemon Prince repose

 Long time readers of my blog may recall this chap from almost a decade back. Well I found where he was hiding, and found a wing had fallen off. Since it looked awful after the first repair being at a worse angle than now, I tore it off, re-positioned it. I think the wings will never look good on this model as they are asymmetrical, but I can use it, hence I have spent the effort and done some new Greenstuff fur to cover up the wing joints. I think I'll paint him - eventually - as something Slaaneshi.

For those wondering, it's bits left over from the DP kit, with legs from and old Bloodbowl Minotaur, and lots of Greenstuff.

Thursday, 10 September 2020

Space Crusade Chaos Marine

 Another old model that I fancied salvaging was this old Chaos Space Marine for the MB/GW game called Space Crusade. I got him in a bulk bits buy some while back, and have managed to find bits that fit and look close enough to the original. Back pack is an original 40K Chaos one, from the days of metal minis. The gun is 3D printed, using the one for the Mk.2 marine I showed some months back. The bayonet is from my original RTB-01 marines (never throw that stuff away). Purists will tell me the gun is wrong, being a Phobos not Umbra pattern, but it gets him up and usable again. He'll be joining my Black Legion troops eventually.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020


 One mini I did print, and then dropped, shattering him was this version of Ravenor - prior to being put in his life support chair. I've managed to stick him back together, and have primed him since taking this shot.

I found him online somewhere - probably Thingiverse.

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Salamander Terminators

 I primed these back when it was warmer, and drier. I'd had them years but finally managed to put them together, these are the Forgeworld 40K version of the Tartaros Terminators (differing from the 30k ones as they have the Crux on the shoulders).