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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Something for the weekend?

No, not the question from the barber..but what arrived yesterday in my mail. Obviously no-one will guess what it was, so I won't ask you to, I mean I could but that would be cruel and rather pointless wouldn't it?

A while back I ordered one of these:

It's a Mortian heavy tank from http://heavy-support.com/ (the picture is theirs too) and it is this that has finally arrived! (I'm quite excited and I had to fight hard not to squeal like a little girl when I saw the Deutsche Post markings on the package). I intend to use it as an AT83 for my Blood Pact army, with a datasheet based on a Macharius.

Here it is on my display board with all the pieces laid out:

The casting quality is very good, almost no air bubbles, but there are some large gates that need to be removed, so this is probably going to take the most time to clean up.

I will definitely make a start on this at the weekend, but Dark Eldar has to take priority as I have now just 2 weeks to paint up 4-6 vehicles, and Raider based vehicles always take me ages!

Oh here's the next iteration of the Onager datasheet..rules are sorted now, but points are still a little high. From the feedback I've recieved it should be somewhere between 160 and 175.

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