Monday, 13 February 2012

It's too quiet...

Yep, nothing much up here last week despite having left several unfinished projects having in half blogged limbo. Fear not intrepid reader, as I haven't abandoned them , I've just been painting more Dark Eldar as we've been invited to put on an Apocalypse game, by the store that supports one of the game clubs that I attend (The A-Club). For those that are in the Vancouver area, the store is GameStars in Langley BC, who will be having their Open House this coming weekend (18/19th Feb). They are a very friendly store, well equipped with tables and gaming space and who have great prices; who could ask for more of their FLGS? Event details are on the web at!/events/229219350493657/

This means that I have the rest of this week to complete several vehicles 4, including 2 still on the sprue, and a couple of figures. I think I can manage it, and the armies and game should give me material for another blog post next week - it's awesome sauce all round.

I've leave you all with a couple of pictures of one of the Grotesques I completed over the weekend, it's a Ratogre with bits left over from my Paulson Bioterror models and some green stuff.

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