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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Apocalypse Now?

Now? No, the weekend just gone! And what a game it was, crazy reserve deployment, drop pods landing all along 2 table edges, asteroids striking the Imperial tank park and Dark Eldar characters so tough you have to take them out with a Volcano cannon! I've written up the battle as I remember it (and I'm sure I'm confused over what order things happened in the later turns!) on a couple of sites: Apocalypse 40k and The Dark City so I won't repeat that here. I will just link to the picture of my army from the game:

Thanks again to Gamestars for giving us the opportunity to play this game, and to the players involved who helped make it a great day!
Blogging frequency should return to normal now though as I've ploughed though a boat-load of my Dark Eldar for that battle so I don't need to spend hours paiting purple each night, and I can get back to moving things from WIPs to a finished state. Here are a couple of the DE vehicles I painted for the Apoc game (I took several other photos of the things I completed, but many were badly focused so I'll retake them and post them up at a later date).

Raven and Reaper

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