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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Full of class, it's Masterclass!

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to attend a masterclass with Mathieu Fontaine,(http://www.akaranseth.com/) the multiple Golden Daemon winner. I'll be going back next weekend for part 2 (we're working on a Helion's board with an airbrush!  that'll be my Baron conversion!)

It was a good experience and I feel I learned a fair bit, despite losing two hours on Sunday due to some scrote gluing the locks on the building we were using! I found I already knew much of the painting theory, although I wasn't aware that I did, which was pleasing. It was just stuff I'd worked out for myself over the last 20 years of painting without thinking about why it was so. Now I understand why I feel happier about undertaking more ambitious projects, so it was money and time well spent.

Mathieu had us work on an Ogre figure over the weekend where the aim was not to finish the figure but to use certain techniques on the cloth, skin and metal. We worked through blending (very useful), True Metal Metallics (something that will help me no end with bladed weapons) and flesh. 

While much of what we learned is too slow for army painting, some of the techniques are great for working on the character models in my armies, so I'm very glad I went, and I'm looking forward to the next session. I'll leave you all with some pics of the Ogre I painted..the mistakes are all mine and not a reflection on Mathieu's teaching! The photos are a little over exposed again as I struggle to get good lighting in my apartment.

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