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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Lungbursta (3)

I'm cracking on with this one as I'm both enjoying it, and looking forward to being able to work on more immediately required items. Here's a picture to show the progress:

For those that read my 2012 plan, you should know I've already been derailled! I've been invited to play in a big Apocalypse game in about 4 weeks times. This means that CSMs are off the hotplate, and all my Forgeworld Dark Eldar need to be painted, plus my remaining special characters, some extra Raiders and Ravagers, and if I can manage it, my Helions (8 to finish). This means that last night's effort to get this Daemon Prince done (base is all that remains to be finished) are now in vain, but painted is painted, and it'll be ready for when I need my Chaos next.

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