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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Keeping Flexible

No this isn't about my New Year's resolution, well actually it is as I'm planning on getting fitter in 2012 by doing more snowshoeing, but that's not what I intend to write about. What I mean here is not getting stuck into one mindset with your modelling and planning, and thinking there's only one right way to build something or one right model to use to represent something on the tabletop.

Whilst I was away over Christmas, and not able to do any modelling, I was giving a great deal of thought to which projects I wanted to do in 2012. This in turn lead to thinking about what I had already for them, what else I would need to obtain and how I should prioritise my work and purchases. The last of these got out of hand in 2011 and has left me with such a backlog I need to seriously plan out what I need to do by when so that I can get use my figures in games, rather than just having boxes and bags of bits and sprues all over the apartment. The project came out something like this:

1. Get another 1500 point army in a state where it is usable friendly games.

I need a change from Dark Eldar, which I've now been playing solidly for a year apart from two games with my Blood Angel successor and this will give me a second army to use, to give me a break between tournament games. This army will be fluffy and fun use whatever has been painted rather using a list around which I have to paint the required models. This objective is already well under way as I brought a partially completed army out of storage, and cracked on with completing it. I'm hoping this will be available for a game, even if some figures are not completed by next Friday. No details as to what it is as my club mates may read this, and I'd like to surprise them.

2a. Get my Orky terrain pieces completed in time for the club tournament.
2b. Get my Imperial terrain pieces completed for same (Optional).

I want to pull my weight at the club tournament and supply a table or two with scenery..plus it'll give me a chance to showcase some of my work from the last few months - bonus! The event is in the next few months, so after the army all the pieces that have been on my threads on the-waaagh need to be done, plus the crashed space ship centre-piece.

3. Get my Bloodpact to a 1500 point level for Astronomicon.

This gives me a focus to get this army done, but as we have until August this is priority number 3.

4. Get my other kits and conversions assembled so I can throw out boxes and sprues.

This is to help me tidy up the place..necessary if I have to return to the UK this year as everything needs to be packed well if I do, and completed models usually take up less space that the sprues they come on.

Well that was a bit of a tangent, what I wanted to write about was not getting stuck in one mental rut over how you work on something. The link all comes down to point 3, the Bloodpact. For those who follow the blog, you'll know I planned to use a Pz3 toy for my AT-70s, and a Sherman one for my AT-83s. The more I thought about using these, the less happy I was with them for various reasons and so I sought out alternatives. I'm now planning to use a hybrid Chimera/Leman Russ for the AT-70s because I wanted something to match the style of the AT-83 I found - the Mortian tank from heavy-support.com. I can't claim either of these is is an original idea as they are both copied from another blog I found, http://pickadamnarmy.blogspot.com/ but the point is I didn't get stuck into being forced to use the tanks I had previously selected, and with which I would never have been happy and hence the idea of staying flexible. There are many ways to model the Pact! The flip side of this is that I now had several spare tank chassis which I could use for my Bloodaxe army! (which never came into the plan, but since we're keeping flexible, we can change that eh?). This left me to start on this, in the spirit of completing item 4...

It's the start of a Lungbursta, and with the extra chassis I can also make a Bonecrusha, Gutrippa and one other Orky tank!

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