Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Bloodpact Halftracks

In  other news, I've ordered the next batch of halftracks for my Bloodpact army. For those who've read my previous posts you'll know I'm using the 1/32 M3 and M16 halftacks made by Newray (sometimes sold as Testors), and now I'll have 8 chassis so I'll be making the following counts-as models:

3 x Chimera (Roofed over and with a Chimera turret)
1 x Hellhound (Fuel drums in the back, with turret)
1 x Hydra (M16 with IG autocannons)
1 x Manticore (roofed over and with rockets on the side, Stuka-zu-Fuss style)
1 x Salamander (Autocannon mounted in the M3's pulpit)
1 x Some kind of tractor for my field gun (counts as Trojan?)

I'm planning to start cutting the plasticard for these tonight so I'm ready when the last 3 arrive.

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Atreides said...

just found you by accident and realised you already follow our blog, you should have shot us an email dude :)

anyway, you have some great stuff on here, so i hope you keep it up!