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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Joys of the dollar store!

Or cheap wargaming at its finest! Over the last few weeks I've been thinking about setting up a project to bring datasheets for old Epic models to 40K, much like BOLS' Lords of Battle, but filling in the gaps they left. To make this worthwhile, I thought I'd first need to actually make some models to use with these sheets, and of course to provide artwork for them as I much prefer a datasheet with a picture! This fits neatly with my ongoing battlewagon building project (see the Lungbursta posts) too, so a win all round. I don't know what form this project would take, who'd be involved or anything at the moment, other than if I build them,  they will come, i.e. I need to make the models first! To achieve this I knew I'd need plenty of wheels and where possible some kind of toy that I could use as a base onto which I could stick new superstructures. Where better to find this stuff than the dollar store? Actually I should also say I visited a local second hand toy dealer too, and got lots of good stuff, but not everyone has one of those!

My haul from my local Dollar Giant netted me 6 F1 style racing cars, and a couple of large quad bikes and I've already started hacking one of the cars to pieces to make my prototype Mekboy Dragsta. While it's a little long for what I need, at C$2 per car, I can live with that, and change my design a little, besides everything Orky, is 'Kustom'! I'll deal with details of each of the builds as I do them as they might be a while away yet as I've got lots ahead of them in my 2012 queue, but I now have parts for the following vehicles:

Mekboy Dragsta
Mekboy Speedsta (Rokkits)
Mekboy Speedsta (Shootas)
Mekboy Speedsta (Lifta-Droppa)
Mekboy Speedsta (Bubble-Chukka)
Doomdiver Magna-cannon


Watch this space!


Sean said...

I've got your blog bookmarked and I'll be watching eagerly as your "kustoms" roll out of the Mek's garage!

Sir Tainly said...

Thanks, next on the Orky list is get the Lungbursta done, then start the Bowelburna and do some more work on my Skullhamma. Some Dark Eldar need to be completed first though.