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Monday, 10 June 2013

Back in the UK...

Well I've been home now for a couple of weeks, and well I can't say I'm happy at all. It's cold and grey here all the damn time and it's supposed to be summer! Anyway, my 40k stuff still hasn't caught up with me so I've been working on some scratch building projects to hopefully get cast up when they are done and sold to generate some income for other projects.

First up is the Scrap-Tech coupe:

The back section is lagging behind as I'm still designing this, but it will be modular to give several weapon/cabin options.

I'm struggling to find work at the moment which is unfortunate and unhelpful, but at least I have a car now thanks to my parents' generosity so at least I will be able to drive to 40k games very shortly! As a bonus it's an estate car/wagon so I have tonnes of room in the back to haul around all my scenery which will no doubt help get involved with the gaming community in the UK.


Mordian7th said...

Glad to see you're back online, mate - sorry to hear that the job hunt continues, I feel your pain on that front!

Digging the scratchbuild so far, looking forward to seeing more!

Sir Tainly said...

Thanks - good luck with your job search too!