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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Big guns never tire

What an interesting day, I should have been finishing some programming work, and then having visitors - since the latter cancelled I got the building tools out again. I did a little more work on the coupe, but came to a halt on that as I'm waiting on some tubing for the next bit. Instead of wasting the time, I decided to start on my next project - a large scrap-tech artillery piece. I'm not sure what kind of gun it will have, but it's designed to provide a more generic carriage which can be fitted with guns from other ranges. Anyway, lots of detailing to add before then.

It's based on a WW2 Russian 203mm design which used tracks instead of wheels, but I think once I get this finished and cast up, I will offer versions with both wheels and tracks (indeed the Russian one was later fitted with wheels too). There's a Pound coin in the photo so you can see that this is truly a big gun carriage; some kind of siege piece I expect.

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