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Monday, 25 June 2012

Linear Obstacles

The weekend is over and I'm exhausted, I went hobby crazy and racked up a load of scenery, two 20mm kits, a load of spray painting and some 40K IG models. It all helps clear the backlog and my room so I can crack on with the Blood Pact, oh and I assembled some more of those guys too, plus fitted them into their new Battlefoam tray.

Here's the scenery I was working on - none of it is complete yet but I paint scenery very quickly so it should take much more to get it all done.

Ork BS2 sucks - hence the fact that the sandbagged position has been missed by 4 Ork Rokkits, one of which has failed to even explode! Mix of Pegasus craters, Armorcast rokkit and some 1/35 sandbags

Armorcast barrels and tyres

Maxmini barricades

GW Imperial Barriers

Water filled craters (Pegasus), they need the "water" muddying and another layer of water to level the surface.

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