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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Captain Chaos

I meant to post up pics of the army I was working on last week, but in the end went to the wire trying to get stuff painted, and even then didn't get everything done! I did pretty badly at the tournament, 17th out of 18 but I had fun and learned that my pure Iron Warriors list would have been better suited to the style of game I wanted to play. Here are some of the pics of the units I took - you can still see that some are unfinished., and that my camera doesn't cope well with metallic colours.


Mordian7th said...

Really dig the the Iron Warriors! It's such a brutal look, you've done a fantastic job on 'em. Love the weathering on the tanks!

thedrake70458 said...


Nice page.

BTW would you still happen to have the stats for Scramble aircraft from your Fort Wargame page please?

If so my email is:
the drake 70458 at yahoo dot com


Sir Tainly said...

Thanks, I'm going for a battered looks for all my chaos stuff now - means I can cover up a lot of mistakes that way! ;)

Mark, I do still have them but I'm not sure I can get at them at the moment as the server with the 6mm stuff on suffered an HDD failure. I have backups but I need to find the device that they are on.