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Sunday, 27 October 2019

Dreadtober - failed!

So the month is almost over and I've not managed to complete my dreadnought, and now I'm about to go mobile for work, so until I know my new schedule, no painting for me. I could give a number of reasons why I've not completed this, including helping my girlfriend move house, helping dad deal with holiday home flooding issues, visiting my mum who's unwell, getting ready for my new job, and fighting with my failed 3d printer, but none of these have stopped me having any painting time. What did really do it was the return of my carpal tunnel issues. I'd hoped after the operation, I'd get more than 18 months of so respite, but seems not. While this doesn't stop me painting, it just killed my mojo as I knew I'd be in pain and discomfort afterwards, so I've done very little all month - all of the items on the blog roll were done at the end of Sept/early Oct, and rip fed out. This is where I did get to with my IW dreadnought though.

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Zzzzzz said...

Sounds like a catalogue of shite ! But you do need to do all of the other things and it's only a hobby. Nonetheless, I hope it all gets sorted out and that you get back to happy painting (as much as you can), however long it takes.