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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

1/300 Coldwar Commander Bulgarians

Following on from the Landjut Campaign photos, here are some shots of my Bulgarians. This is meant to be an Independent Tank Brigade from the mid to late 1980s. This means there are 3 Tank Battalions, and one Mechanized Battalion with supports, and I've tried to photograph these best as I can - they are very small! Some of the models are straight from Heroics and Ros or Scotia, but a few I've had to convert myself.

Mechanized Battalion


BMP-30  + Gaz 69 (Both from Heroics and Ros, the 2S1 has a BMP-2 turret and rear doors added)
technically the BMP-30 is a bit new for this force, but I snuck one in on an HQ stand.

BMP-23 (similar conversion to the BMP-30, but using a re-profiled CV9040 turret)

Full Unit

Recce Unit

Scotia PT-76


Motorcyles (H+R WW2 German motorcyles + sidecars. The Bulgarians used a helmet style very similar to the WW2 German one, and the Soviet motorcyle combinations were copies of German ones, so it's all ok!)

Tank Battalion (T-55 #1)

Skytrex T-55 now available from H+R, with Gaz 69

Scotia T-55

Full Unit

Tank Battalion (T-55 #2)

H+R T-55

H+R T-55 + Dozer

H+R T-55 + Mine Rollers

Full Unit


H+R BTR-60 (placeholder until I can convert a TACP variant)

TMM Bridging Unit

Scotia TMM bridge(model includes a deployed bridge not shown here)

Full Unit


Scotia BTR-50s (need to be rebased onto MDF)

Engineers with RPG (mix of H+R WW2 German Infantry and RPG teams from their Modern Soviets)

Engineers with Flamer throwers (H+R WW2 German)

Anti-aircraft Unit

H+R SA-9

H+R ZSU-23-4



Full Unit

Engineering Vehicles

BAT-M (the Scotia model, with relocated and detailed crane, and a dozer blade added)


Tank Battalion (T-72)

Skytrex T-72

Full Unit



H+R 122mm

Full Unit

FAO H+R WW2 German Artillery crew and Gaz 69

Force Commander

H+R Gaz 69 with Zil Office


All H+R WW2 Germans with RPG teams mixed in.

120mm Mortar (H+R Soviet WW2 120mm)

Air Support

H+R Mig-19


Zzzzzz said...

Looks a bit quicker to get to the table than the Blood Pact.

Sir Tainly said...

Very much so, did these in a about a month or so last autumn