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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Blood Pact AT-70 Eradicator - WIP

I mentioned last time that I was doing BP tanks again, well I've ended up doing several after raiding my bits box and Bits and Kits' store!

Here's the first one, my AT-70 design with the Eradicator cannon. I love the loook of this weapon, even if the rules are not so hot. The dozer will be added after base coating as it's going to be black instead of the red of the hull.


Mordian7th said...

That's a great build, man! I dig it!

Sir Tainly said...

Thanks, more to come over the next week, but painting will have to wait until it's warmer and drier

Zzzzzz said...

That's good lookin' and possibly reasonably easy to reproduce.

My BP are sort of ok for the time being. But I do need to a bit more work on the Basilisk.