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Friday, 14 December 2012

Italeri Scenic Items Review #3

Last one, promise and then back to 40k goodness next week. I should have more time to get things photographed next week as I'm only working part time. I'm doing a handover as I've been made redundant - yeah just before Christmas, which is nice, so I have time at home when the sun is up! Should have my Blood Pact's Psyker Battle Squad and some Ogryn WIPs.

So the last review is for the Brick wall sections, and these are my favourite. They are cast in a red brick colour, so with a bit of ink/dullcote and a scrubbing with brick dust weathering powder you'd be away. There are some mould lines to removes, but nothing terrible and much better than the sand bags in my opinion. Obviously these can be assembled into bigger wall structures, or just used one or two at a time to add to heavy weapon team bases or similar, which is how I intend to use them. The single bricks are a nice touch for a few scattered ones that have been blown clear of their originating wall.

So here are the pics:

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