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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Italeri Scenic Items Review #1

I don't think I've really done a proper review with photos for a while now so here we are with the first of three of  Italeri's  scenery kits.

The Church Window Set 1/35

This looked very impressive on the box, and I had high hopes for it. On one hand, my hopes were justified as this is a nice sized piece of terrain, and very suitable for a piece of wrecked building, with a good level of detailing ideal for drybrushing. On the flip side (literally) there is a big problem - the building is only designed to be viewed from the front, the back is just the hollow space where the front has been extruded. I am attempting to fill mine with some carved up foam from a piece of foam core board so I may be able to salvage this. With that in mind I can only recommend this are part of a bigger building, something for a diorama or something you have to use your modelling licence to complete.

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