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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Trip to Orkington (again)

It's been a while since I did an update as my new job has been keeping me busy - in fact I'm there now at 6:30 waiting for stuff to finish. Rather than waste the time, I thought I'd type up a few more articles that I'll publish over the next few days, with this being the first. I should also say that I'm running a doubles tournament next month and there are still places available, so if you are interested please look at my blog for that.

Teamhammer 40K Tournament

For anyone that remembers my earlier posts, or looks back through the archive, you'll know I started some Ork scenery for a place called Orkington. Well, that place has received some further development, and here are the pictures.

This was the wind turbine thing I had planned, but the turbine I started looked a bit poor, so I fell back on my ideas to make some gun towers - this is the first design.

This is the Mek's workshop, I still want to add some glyphs over the rear door, and add a hoist to the frame out front.

Here's the "Tall House" different from the older "Long House" and the forthcoming ""Small House" and "Composite House".

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