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Friday, 20 April 2012

AT70 for the Blood god!

It might seem a long time until August, but with one tournament to run and another to attend, the next couple of months will be quite busy, so I'm working on some of my Blood Pact army. For those who've followed my blog for a while, you may remember my AT70 Reaver, that has sat for months as just a hull with one track unit. Since I was really motivated the other weekend, I got a fair bit done on this and its sister tank, so here's a quick update of progress on tank number 1.

The second track unit has been added, this was a little trickier than the first given the Chimeras asymmetrical front hull, but on the second attempt I got it pretty square. Sadly the blanking plate covering the gap between the track top and hull roof came unglued, and so the repair has made it a little rough, hopefully I can disguise it with stowage or something.

The turret has been dry fitted, and the gun barrel lengthened with some aluminium tube, to represent the long thin 105mms these tanks are supposed to have. It's out of scale for a 105, but it's nice and sturdy for wargames use, which is more important in my view. Considering the standard LR model gun is something like 400mm if made up to life size scale we've a great deal of wiggle room here! I've removed the aquila from  the turret bin too, but left the damage so it looks like this is a looted tank, rather than one made after the Urdeshi forges were captured (great bit of fluff to cover my sloppy work! :)).

At the rear the Russ exhausts have been replaced by a set from a Defiler, which have been mounted on some styrene plates to make the assembly level, and to give a bigger surface that can be glued on to the tank.

Here are the pictures:

The second tank is a little different as it uses a Demolisher hull and turret, so a difference in engine grill details and turret bin. For the gun mount I'm using the demolisher cannon with an aluminium barrel, as it slots it perfectly. it looks a bit odd with the external recoil suppressors though - I might have to remove them, I haven't decided yet. Pics of tank number 2 in the next update.

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Mordian7th said...

Looking good! I was always a fan of the Blood Pact - looking forward to seeing more. Keep up the great work!