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Monday, 17 October 2011

Solitudors - Introduction

Previously I mentioned my Blood Angels army, which in fact is a successor chapter called the Solitudors. The name is taken from the Latin for isolation - solitudo, but since this also means to desert (i.e. to abandon), I opted for a desert (as in sand) theme. I'm rolling around some ideas for a backstory at the moment and at some point I'll write down, (maybe for Astronomicon next year?) so it should make more sense how the colours and theme fit together. Right now it's something like red sun over yellow sand give rises to the red torso and arms with yellow legs.

This was the first figure I painted in this scheme, with completely solid yellow legs:

But I've now moved on to only having the yellow on the thighs, shins and feet. I've repainted this figure to match, and since thise photo was taken, I've completed the base.

The current scheme is shown on this work in progress shot of a devastator:


I've made custom decals for some fo the marines, plus had custom pads made for others, these will be the subject of a future article.

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