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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Blood Pact - slow burning project

Ever since I read the first Gaunt's Ghost books I've wanted to model the Blood Pact. At the time I had just started my first army, IG, after a 15 year break from the hobby and I wasn't in a position to start anything else. Things have moved on now, I've built (and mostly painted) my DE army and I've stock-piled a great number of figures and kits for future projects, one of which is the aforementioned traitors.

Right now I just have a load of guard sprues and toy tanks, with suitable heads in the post (Secret Weapon and Maxmini), so this is just an introduction to what I'm using for each of the signature Pact items.


-Veterans are Cadians with Secret Weapon heads.

-Regular troops are a mix of Cadians, Catachans, Chaos Marauders with Maxmini heads - This is more of a unit of cultists than true BP troops.

- N20 Halftrack, these 1/32 M3 half-tracks with a Chimera/Hellhound/Hydra turret as appropriate.

- AT-70 Reaver will be one of these Pz.III toys with lots of detailing and a Kromlech turret (just as soon as they release one with something other than a plasma style cannon).

- AT-83 Brigand will be built from this very large Sherman (1/32?) and fitted with a dozer blade and a large bore cannon.

- U90 Usurper, Chimera tracks with a scratch built hull I expect.

- Stalk tanks - still under investigation, but there's a guy in Italy who custom builds some very nice ones.

More information as I move this project forward, but right now it's behind my scenery and Blood Angel successor army, which will be the subject of future blog articles.

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