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Monday, 27 November 2017

Tempest Grav Tank

another of my Apocalypticon projects was repainting the Armorcast Tempest I'd scored on Ebay a while back. After removing the old paint, which was a nightmare, and involved wire brushes, I found the quality of the old casting was not great. So after spending a chunk of time with the Greenstuff, readding gems, surface details and filling bubbles I was ready to repaint. Initially I went with my Mai-bai scheme of white with a red turret, but painting the white to the standard I was happy with, proved to be too hard with all those flat panels (at least using my usual techniques). Since my Revenant, which was also going to be used is in Alaitoc colours, I decided to switch the Tempest to that sceheme too. In fact I'm going to reduce my own craftworld to a just what I need for a Ynnead army and paint the rest of my guardians etc as Alaitoc.


Mordian7th said...

Lovely! I always loved that old Armorcast sculpt!

Zzzzzz said...

That's wonderful. Any chance of putting a falcon or serpent next to it for context ?

Siph_Horridus said...

Excellent, second a scale photo? Cheers

Sir Tainly said...

Cheers folks. Will see what I can do for a scale shot in a few weeks, the model is back in storage now. Won't be an Eldar tank for scale though as I don't have any others assembled.