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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Frost Giants

My Bones 3 package arrived the other week, and I'm very happy with what I got. Lots of stuff for Pathfinder or DnD, as well as 3 large artillery pieces for 40k (the ones designed by Victoria Lamb's sculptor).

Of the former, here are 4 Frost giants, a king, a queen and 2 retainers. They do all have their own bases (except the queen who has a Bonesium one with a locating pattern), a style I'd never seen before - straight sided plastic disks, like a poker chip.

They went together pretty well, but did need some GS work on the joins - the king's cloak being the worst here. The queen doesn't quite sit straight on her base too, so I need to look into that. Obviously I do still need to do some bending in boiling water, but I expect that from this material.


Zzzzzz said...

Whooa !

Slow down, fella !

Your three BFGs, who are they for ?

And that hull in the previous post, where's that from ?

Frost giants, Cool !

Sir Tainly said...

haha, posts are queued up for quite a while, and I'm about to put a few more in the queue tomorrow. :)

BFGs are for my loyalists, my first army when getting back in 40k (5th ed). I haven't done much with them for ages, but I'd started a few projects for them, and you'll see some soon.

Hull is from Anarchy models.