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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Armada, my thoughts on what's coming for 2017

Following on from yesterday's X-Wing post (which I updated this morning due to my poor memory), this is my thoughts on Armada's arrivals in 2017.

Hammerhead Corvette

They've been in Rebels and Rogue One (albeit different designs) so it's almost a dead certainty we'll get them for Armada - I'd expect them in the next wave. Probably a small base ship with the two configurations representing the variant designs from both sources.

Quasar Fire Carrier

From Rebels, owned by the Empire stolen by the Rebels. I like the chances of this appearing giving us more rules for carrier type ships. Technically it's an Imperial ship, so I think we'll see it issued as that, however perhaps we could see a Rebels version in a campaign pack or similar.

MC-75 (Profundity)

Almost a dead cert, with a Raddus card, as they'll want to capitalise on Rogue One's popularity. If it's not in the next wave, I'd stake money on the one after. Given the lead time FFG need to produce a new ship they may not have had that from even an early screening of the new film, hence the why I think they might wait until the wave due next Christmas.

Braha'tok Gunship

Another one from Rogue One, and also from RoTJ. This would make an ideal ship to release in the next wave as there's nothing to be gained by waiting for the film to get details - also I think we might see something like this as a flotilla on a larger base. the rules don't preclude that idea, and I think FFG will ultimately use that mechanic somewhere.

U-Wing + K-Wing 

Likely in the next Rebels fighter pack, but we're well stocked for squadrons at the moment - probably next year.

TIE Punisher + TIE Striker

As above, but in the next Imperial fighter pack.

Carrion Spike

It's been in the new canon novels, so it could make an appearance, given we've just had a small base Imperial ship, it's another thing I think will fall into 2018.

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