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Monday, 19 December 2016

Sons of Horus Land Raider

Not quite complete as I haven't put the decals on the doors yet, but this is a regular  Land Raider with the Chapterhouse upgrade kit, Forgeworld commander, Imperial Guard Lascannons and quite a bit of plasticard work to hide away some aspects I didn't like.


Siph_Horridus said...

Great stuff, but I think the tracks would benefit from some different colours of mud, some lighter shades, some wetter darker shades, at the moment its too same colour to look like weathering and looks more like some paint spill? Nice kit. Good job.

Zzzzzz said...

Powders will provide the contrast Siph mentions.

Are those proteus type sponsons the Chapter Mouse bits ? That's kool...

Sir Tainly said...

Thanks guys. Totally agree re the weathering, and I do plan to use the powders on this one too, but I don't like to do them until after the decals are done. The Spartan in the archives has the powders added over the same paint, so should give an idea of the final finish.

The side sponsors and the heavy bolter enclosure are from chapterhouse.