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Sunday, 7 June 2015


Nothing for a few weeks simply because I've been working on things that weren't good to photograph. First off was getting a second hand Dwarf army up to a consistent quality, and adding numbers to fill squads. I did have to farm out a couple of units to a friend to have them painted as time was short last month due to real life hassles. Anyway with the Dwarves out of the way I added a couple of Blood Pact units to take to Blog Wars 9. If anyone wonders how I did there - I was last!

First of these new units was a Wyvern. I really don't like the GW model for this, it's lazy so I've made my own. Normally I use my half track models for Chimera variants, but those are getting harder to find at a price I like, and given Blight Wheel have just released their new truck kit I decide to use those. It's the same size as the halftracks so win-win! The Stormshard mortar is from Curious Constructs recent Kickstarter (their quad mortar), some plasticard and a Warmachine style base.

This is the first Wyvern of 2, but I need another mortar before I can build the second one.


Rabidchild said...

Great use of the kit! I'm always happy to see your Pact grow.

Sir Tainly said...

thanks - still want to add some crew and spare ammo crates