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Sunday, 11 January 2015

What's that coming over the hill, is it a Gargant?

Yes - we're starting to get this one ready for the paint shop - sadly just as I go back to work so won't have any painting time, as my weekends are still full of the house that's never fixed! :(

Today's progress:

Gaze of Mork wires/piping

More exhausts, plates, patches and a door with a port hole!

Front view of the head - with that drooping brow and a monocle with trailing pipe on the right, it looks like Patrick Moore!

Observation platform, complete with wind speed and direction indicator and stereoscopic rangefinder! That's how Blood Axes roll!

The phallic gun was made bigger, because well he needed it!

All the gubbinz attached including the tiled/shingled roof of the grot oilers hut (behind the big exhaust).

Just needs the arms rebuilding and the right shoulder kannon turret adding.

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