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Friday, 13 June 2014

Imperial Trucks

I've been planning to add some trucks to my IG list for a while and have a few kits to convert into 40kesque vehicles. Problem is those are slow to build, fragile and often expensive, but this is easily solved with some cheap toys! These are intended as scenery items but may well hit the table as usuable models if my Planetary Defence Force fandex gets an overhaul, or if My usual group, the Animosity gang, write up some rules which is quite likely!

I've still to add some heavy stubbers over the cabs then I'll be getting the painting and wearing completed. If anyone fancies picking some of these up for their own plans, they are made by Majorette and are sold in the UK at Morrisons supermarkets for 4 pounds. They are sold as construction trucks but I've modified the backs to strip them back to standard load beds. On of them comes with a crane (and another with a log grabbing claw) which can be reused with Orks and another with a roller (Deffrolla!). I have a few more so expect to see those being used with other armies.

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