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Thursday, 17 October 2013

'fawsends of 'em!!!

I've finally got around to getting my 'Nids under way as I really want them ready for the new codex. Since I'm knee deep in Orks for our big game in November I sent these over to Three Colours Minimum as Graham there had done a really nice scheme on his own army. I've gone with a similar style to his army, but with yellow and green instead of his blue and purple, but at his suggestion, I've gone with some purple claws to liven things up a bit more.

Here are the shots of the first batch of Hormagaunts he's finished, and a big gribbly beast too! I'll be completing the bases myself once I've decided what scheme to use for these guys. This is the first time I've paid to have an army painted, and I'm very happy with the results. If you fancy commissioning for from TCM, checkout the website:


Focus is a bit messed up on these two images, so just look at the different focal points and pretend it is one nice photo! ;)

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