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Friday, 2 August 2013

Xenos Mercenaries

GW has never released a Loxatl model, and played the C&D card on the Blight Wheel model that would have been ideal for those. This doesn't however mean that we are totally devoid of Xenos mercenaries with which to bolster a Blood Pact army, as Hasslefree do sell a range of Goloth figures. These are reptilian figures armed with mostly small submachine gun weapons, but also a grenade launcher and too heavy weapons (a missile launcher and an automatic cannon) and wearing heavier armour.

I bought one of each of the packs, and given the 2 figure packs come with hand swaps (to give you left and right options for each weapon) I using them to make one IG veteran squad with heavy weapon and carapace armour, one HQ squad with heavy weapon and I have a single figure left over. Maybe he'll be a Sergeant with a different loadout or possibly a Marbo! One HQ, one Troop and maybe one Elite also being suitable too for an allied choice for some of my other armies, Tau perhaps.

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Mordian7th said...

Very cool! I'd never seen those before, great little Xenos mercs unit. Great work!