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Friday, 19 July 2013

General Update and Fullborer Miniatures

I've lots going on  at the moment with trying to get a job (it's not going well, and I'm being messed about by potential employers) getting more work done on potential products for GWM and preparing for two upcoming games with the guys over at the Animosity forums (http://www.animosity40k.proboards.com). For those I've been working on my Blood Pact army, specifically the Sabre platforms, an Atlas recovery vehicle some Tarellian Mercenaries and some Infardi troops. I'll blog about those in due course, but I wanted to highlight these guys - Fullborer Miniatures (http://www.fullborerminiatures.com/) who make some beautiful figures. The artillery officer figure looks fantastic, and the female smuggler is great for Inquisimunda type games (which is rumours are true could be making a mainstream return!).

I've bought one of each, plus an extra artillery officer to convert into an Ordinance Officer HQ upgrade for my Blood Pact, he's the guy awaiting a head with the requisite Oni mask.

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