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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Orkington expands!

A few weeks ago now I was at Astronomi-con up here in Vancouver. It's a great tournament run by some very dedicated guys, and it's a lot of fun - it's the tournament for those that don't like the normal beat-face tournament atmosphere. Actually I say normal but around here in the lower mainland, most of our tournaments are pretty relaxed and are about having 3-6 good, fun, close games and not about beating the other guy so hard he cries!

Anyway, I offered to provide scenery for Astro, known for it's great looking tables and interesting scenarios and got asked to provide 2 tables worth of terrain, which on one hand was cool, but also meant lots more work! One of the tables was my quite drab Imperial city whilst the other was to be Orkington, and so I needed to bulk it out a bit. This was a good choice it seems, as I won best terrain for my Orky table!

The items I added were 2 new buildings, and a Windmill from www.daemonscape.co.uk/, and here they are:

I also completed some of the items shown in my Linear Obstacles blog post:

I have a few photos of the Imperial City, but I'll save those for another day!


Mordian7th said...

Nice! I hadn't heard of Daemonscape before, there's some really cool 28mm scale vehicles. Darn it man, I'm trying to SAVE money, not spend it! :)

I dig how the ork buildings have turned out - keep up the great work!

Sir Tainly said...

Just helping keep the hobby alive, using your wallet while mine takes a breather! ;)